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Our goal at ABC Bartending Services is to make it simple for you.  We want you to be able to enjoy your special day.  Worrying about filling wine glasses, opening bottle tops and making sure the fun keeps pouring shouldn't be your job, it's ours, and we enjoy doing it.  Just tell us where you want us to set up and we'll take care of the rest!

We make everything as simple as ABC.  From our initial phone call to the consultation, we help you find the right package for you and your budget every step of the way.

We'd love to help you serve your guests at your next party!  Whether a birthday celebration, wedding, anniversary, quinceanera, art gallery, office party, corporate event, fundraising event, grand opening, open house or any other type of social event, it will be our pleasure!


Meet Amy

Amy is the CEO of ABC Bartending.  She has over twenty years in the food and beverage business and absolutely loves the service that she provides with ABC Bartending services.  She is extremely versatile and can adjust to serving under any circumstance from serving royalty to a backyard wedding.

She decided to go into business for herself after having her two sons.  There wasn't enough incentive that any company could provide her to convince herself to be away from her boys for long periods of time, so she created ABC Bartending Services and has been mixing up the fun for events ever since!


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Does that sound like a win/win situation; you enjoying your event and the professionals mixing up the fun?